Body Positive Fashion

DreamWalk is a body positive fashion show in Philadelphia. This year the runway featured 60 models from across the country and beyond representing a diverse, realistic and inclusive view of beauty, including all genders, ages, races, sexualities, and abilities. DreamWalk intends to flip the switch on beauty standards and have real people on the runway.


Artist Alden Cole, 74, is a former fashion illustrator. His South Philly house, where he's lived for nearly 30 years, is a wild, winding museum of his own fantastical work - a mix of beautiful found-object lamps and paintings focusing on the transcendental and erotic. "It's a functioning work of art that I'm living in the midst of," Cole said of his unique home.


A life sentence served by a father and a son

Kahlif Snowden has celebrated seven birthdays since the day in 2011 when about half a dozen Philadelphia police officers wrestled him to the ground in his old Kensington neighborhood. They suspected he was selling drugs. They said he had resisted arrest. One officer shot him with a stun gun in the neck, four times in 43 seconds. By the time the incident was over, Kahlif was destined for a life like this. Bedridden at Geneis HealthCare's Hopkins Center with his father, John, by his side.


Steve Pellegrino, is a bladesmith from Philly who makes custom knives.


Saging or smudging is the practice of burning plants and wood to spiritually cleanse one’s living quarters, or one’s body. It dates to a time when Native American shamans threw dried sage into fires as a way to ask the ancestors for intervention in everyday life. Burning sage, they believed, absorbed illness and evil, cleansing the energy field around them.


Robert Marchisello, a retired Philadelphia firefighter who kept journal entries of every shift of his 37-year career, from cadet to deputy chief. In December he released a book, A Firefighter’s Journal, based on his writings.


Medical Marijuana: A Girl's Life is Changed


Anastacia's Antiques, run by Scott Evans and Anastacia Fahnestock, on Bainbridge St. in South Philly overflows with a constantly changing assortment of all types of interesting, odd and mundane items.


Sandi Polyakov is the head gardener for the Shofuso Japanese House and Garden in Fairmount Park.


Pets For Vets: Charlie and Aliana


The Last Beat Cop


Bag Pipes


911 Memorial


Behind the Scenes of a fall fashion shoot